The Big Strawberry
The Big Strawberry
The Big Strawberry
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Strawberry Picking
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Welcome strawberry lovers everywhere . We love strawberries and spend every waking moment thinking about them and creating products that contain this wonderful unique fruit.  From pancakes, ice cream, salads and sundaes that you can enjoy in our cafe, to wine, jam, chutney and vinegar, you name it.

Lots of fun to be had at the Big Strawberry

Check out our new indoor giant playground, it's awesome. At just $5 per child over three - twelve........its hours of  fun.. Children under three are free to play in their own smaller area....But it's important to remember......Socks are a must.  Our main playground rule is simple...have fun and be nice to each other.  There are a few more rules before they play.                                                                                                                                   Open 8am - 4.45pm every day

      Watch the bees fly in as they nestle inside their indoor see through Hive 

 We are not just a strawberry farm...there are loads of                                                               things to do.  Our latest inclusion is an Indoor bee                                                                  Hive Totally see through Its totally safe and                                                                        fasinating  to watch  Watch as  our Strawbees fly in and out of their home.



Remember when you were a kid and strawberries were ripened on the plant in the sun and how good they tasted???... that's how we grow them. Not in hot houses or grown in sheds...... out in the open air with nature doing its job in creating the cute little fellas.

  • Come and "Pick Your Own" strawberries straight from our patch (seasonal)

  • Try our light meals and "strawberry" desserts in our Licenced Family Cafe

  • Browse our large range of jams, condiments & souvenirs . 

  • Check out our Men's Cave Museum                                  

"To be passionate & fun-loving in our endevour to grow, create and serve products from our paddocks to our customers plates, that are delicious, natural and creative....."

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Check in on FacebookThe Big Strawberry YouTube Video