Café Menu

Breakfast...available til 3pm 

Big Breaky - toast, 2 bacon, 2 sausages,  2 eggs, 2 hash browns and tomato $18.5

Light Breaky - toast, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, hash brown and tomato $14.5

Vegie Breaky - toast, 2 eggs, avocado, baked beans, mushrooms, spinach, hash brown and tomato                                                                                                   $18.5

Fresh Start Breaky - poached eggs, fresh tomato, spinach, avocado on turkish bread                     served with a side of hollandaise sauce                                                                            $15.5

Eggs on Toast - 2 eggs cooked to your liking on toast                                                      $9

Californian Pancakes - 2 pancakes, 2 bacon and maple syrup                                       $13.5

Big Strawberry Muesli - gluten free toasted muesli topped with natural yogurt                           and fresh strawberries                                                                                                       $10

Extras: Sausage, egg, bacon, toast, tomato                    add  $2 each                                                           Baked Beans, Avocado, Mushrooms, Spinach   add  $2.5 each 

Gluten Free Bread available add $2

Lunch.....available until 3pm

Big Strawberry Burger - burger, bacon, egg, pineapple, onion, lettuce, tomato                    beetroot and cheese served with wedges                                                                             $15

Big Strawberry Baked Spud-  baked potato served with butter, sour cream,                        cheese, bacon, avocado and coleslaw                                                                                 $13.5

B.L.A.T - bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato served in a foccacia roll                              $10

Spicy Wedges  - served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce                                        $9

Chicken & Avocado Salad - marinated chicken on a bed of spinach with avocado,                  fetta, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin and served with our own strawberry salad dressing     $18

Special of the Day - please see board


Sandwiches & Rolls

All sandwiches and rolls made to order...on weekends we have a selection in our fridge

Salad sandwich                           $5.5                                                            

Salad Roll                                     $6

Toasted sandwich 2 fillings       $5.5

Extras: salami, chicken, ham        add  $1

Extra: Salad items                       50 cents

Gluten Free Bread Available add $2 


For the kids

Nuggets (4) and Chips                $7

Bowl of Chips -                  large $5

                                           small $4

                                    add gravy $2

Cheeseburger - meat and cheese, in a bun, and served with chips         $9

Party Meal -  two  party  pies  and  two  sausage rolls                              $6

Playground Meal Deal - entry to the playground plus our party meal                                           with a drink (Prima or Moo to Go )                                                        $12


Pancakes...available all day til 5pm

Pancakes Works -2 pancakes filled with fresh strawberries and jam, topped                                   with strawberry topping, cream and strawberry ice cream                                                                                                                                                                                       half serve     $10                                                                                                                                  full  serve     $14    

Pancakes Normal -2 pancakes filled with fresh strawberries and jam,                                    topped with strawberry topping and cream                                                   half serve      $8                                                                                                                                     full  serve     $12 

 Plain Pancakes - 2 plain pancakes just on their own                                Half serve       $6                                                                                                                                   Full  serve      $8

Gluten Free Pancakes available add    $2 each

Sundaes & Sweets..available all day til 5pm

Big Strawberry Sundae  - a mix of fresh strawberries, cream and                                                   ice cream all made to be enjoyed by 1 or 2                                                                     $ 15

Big Strawberry Parfait - fresh strawberries topped with cream and ice-cream              $9.5

Please visit our dessert fridge for other options including gluten free

Devonshire Tea.... every day til 5pm

Devonshire tea/coffee  - 2 scones jam and cream served with tea or coffee                                    of your choice                                                                                                                    $9.5

Scones with jam and cream                               1 scone ....... $4.5        2 scones ..........$6.5

Drinks........all day every day

Hot Chocolate       $4.5

Tea...........               $3.5   

Specialty Tea  ........$4

(English Breakfast, Chamomile, Green Tea, Strawberry, Raspberry & Loganberry Tea, Jasmine Tea, Peppermint Tea, Earl Grey and Lemon Twist)

Coffee            cup $3.5          mug $4.5

(Cappuccino, flat white, long black, short black, Latte, Mocha)                                          Milkshakes          $6    

Thick Shakes       $7.5   

(Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Blue Heaven, Caramel, Coffee,  Lime, Pineapple and Vanilla)

Strawberry Smoothies          $7.5                 

Iced Coffee or Iced Chocolate $7.5

Soy milk available

We are fully licensed with a selection of Beer Wine & takeaway

We have a fully stocked Drink Fridge with a selection of soft drink, juices, milk drinks, iced teas etc



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