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Strawberry Lovers

We have lots of strawberry lovers visit the Big Strawberry.  Some famous, some just good average people.  From politicians to musicians.  Here are a few that have "signed our wall" and left their mark.

Coxy from Coxy's Big Break 

Coxy visits the big Strawberry

Peter Russell Clarke- Australian chef & artist

Peter Russell Clarke visit

Dick Smith- Australian entrepenuer

Dick Smith

Tim McCurdy MP - and our local strawberry loving politician

tim mccurdy

Hon. Dr Sharman Stone MLA

Hon Dr Sharman Stone

Former Victorian Premier Dr Dennis Napthine

former Victorian Premier Dr Dennis Napthine

The Great Australia Couch Tour- Michael the living poet

get off ya couch tour

Sarah Hudson- Weekly Times reporter and strawberry lover

Sarah Hudson Collage

Brad Battin MLA and Geelong supporter

Brad Battin

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