Indoor Playground

The Big Strawberry Indoor Playground Complex is now here....and its awesome

With two dedicated playground areas for the 0-12 year olds there is something for all ages and levels of skill.

SOCKS are a must...make sure wear bring them to play

There is a dedicated Playground for the 0-3 year olds that is free.  The cost of unlimited play for the  4-12  year olds is $5.   Enjoy a drink or snack in our family dining area while you supervise the children watching on our screens and viewing windows..   When they want a break from playing.......view us making our products from scratch in our production room and take the kids to the Man cave memorabilia Museum to checkout the items from days gone by

Lots of free and reasonably priced family fun at The Big Strawberry Complex

                     Lots of fun to be had at the Big Strawberry                                                                                    


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