Home made Ice cream

Come in for a hearty breakfast or choose from our large menu of snacks, light meals and strawberry desserts any time of the day

PANCAKES...are our signature dish, filled with strawberries and topped with our home made strawberry topping with fresh cream and our own strawberry ice cream..we offer lots of variations and they are all strawber-licious.

Our big hearty breakfast is a real winner with toast, bacon, Aussie snags, sunny side up eggs & a hash brown and any thing else you want to add to it

Authetic size hamburger....not like those places where the pictures look nothing like what's on the plate..OURS need a skewer to hold it together

And there is also our home made ice cream ...we make all the favouites and then some...including our very own STRAWBERRY that is dairy free and to die for....cup, cone or a huge bowlful if your up to it     ......Berry delicious

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